Know what we do best, know our differential!

BME supplies parts and pieces for retrofits, optimization an revamp of Boilers and Deaerators. Please use the links below do see all services developed by BME.


  • Engineering services:
    • Conceptual design, basic design and detailed designs for boilers;
    • Structural design;
    • Mechanical design;
    • Piping design;
    • Instrumentation and Control design;
    • Electrical design;
  • Project Management;
  • Quality Control;
  • Erection (mechanical, electrical and instrumentation);
  • Site supervision, training, commissioning, start-up and tests.


  • Operation improvements and solution of problems:
    • Pressure parts;
    • Combustion;
    • Production increase;
    • Efficiency;
    • Automation;
    • Fuel change conventional grates by fluidized bed (BFB)
    • Replace;
    • Fuel feeding system;
    • Water treatment;
    • Flue gas treatment;
    • Instrumentation and Control.
  • Inspections and Technical Reports
  • Consultancies
  • Material and equipment supply
    • Superheaters;
    • Economizers;
    • Air preheater;
    • Coils and curved tubes;
    • Furnace water wall;
    • Components in general;
  • Site supervision services.