Boilers and Steam Generators

Technology and Solutions in Steam Generation

BME, with its experience in design and construction of boilers and steam generators, is a qualified company to help you to get the best of any kind of fuel.

Over the years we have collected extensive detailed information on supplied and installed boilers and based on this extensive experience BME offers designs that utilize any fuel with maximum operation efficiency. All designs employ proven techniques and use components that meet or exceed performance requirements while conforming to the environmental standards and customer standards.

BME attention is orientated to total integration and optimization of the systems. This is possible by listing and meeting customer specific needs.



  • – Steam production : from 15 up to 500 ton/hr
  • – Steam pressure : from 15 up to 120 kgf/cm²
  • – Steam temperature : saturated or superheated up to 530 ºC


Furnaces are constructed of welded fin-tube water walls and dimensioned to meet the necessary residence time and thermal liberations, allowing proper and completely combustion increasing the combustion efficiency.

The design includes natural circulation in all furnace circuits, which responds rapidly to load changes, while maintaining peak performance over the full range of steam flow.

The welded fin-tube water wall construction is an efficient heat absorbing arrangement that contributes to high levels of efficiency by greatly reducing refractory maintenance, casing corrosion and air or gas leakage thought the life of the equipment. It is equally effective with pressurized or balanced draft operation.

Firing System Design:

Firing systems for all fuels are engineered to achieve efficient combustion with safety, ease of control, reliability, low emissions and a minimum of maintenance.
Furnaces are generously sized to ensure complete combustion.

Pollutions Control:

All boilers designed by BME incorporate proven technologies to optimize combustion and maintain emissions within required limits.

Auxiliary Equipment and Controls:

All equipment and control that require operator attention are conveniently located and readily accessible.
Modularized supply to reduce field installation costs.
Designed for easy operation, low maintenance and low auxiliary power consumption.

Reduced use of refractory:

Most of solid fuel boilers are designed with single pass (crossed type) or longitudinal type through metallic baffles, thus avoiding the need of refractory and associated maintenance.

Observation and access doors:

To assure the operators complete control of operating conditions, all boilers are amply equipped with observation ports and access doors.

Steam purity:

Drum internals are equipped with horizontal separators and chevron dryers.

Internals are prefabricated, which are easy to install and remove and provide dry steam to superheater and steam-free water to the downcomer system.​

  • Supply of Steam Generator;
  • Supply of auxiliary equipment;
  • Electrical and mechanical equipment;
  • Automation, Instrumentation & Control;
  • Firing Systems and Fuel Handling System;
  • Feed Water System, Water Treatment System, pumps, deaerator, etc.;
  • Blowdwon tanks;
  • Sample coolers;
  • Flue Gas Treatment System;
  • Project Management;
  • Quality Control;
  • Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation Erection;
  • Site Supervision, training, commissioning, start-up and test.
  • Package Boiler for Oil and Gas firing (BME1000 series);
  • Field Erected Boiler for firing oil and gaseous fuels, including residual gases like blast furnace gas, coke oven gas, refinery gas, etc. (BME2000 series);
  • Stoker Fired Boilers for solid fuels like wood waste and agro industrial wastes: sugar cane bagasse, wood chips, saw dust, barks and others (BME3000 and BME4000 series), single drum or two drums, bottom or top supported;
  • Heat Recovery Steam Generators – HRSG  ( BME5000 series);
  • Bubbling Fluidized Bed Boilers.
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