BME Thermal Deaerators, guaranteed protection for your Steam Generator.

BME Thermal Deaerators incorporate many exclusive design features that assure efficient and complete deaeration, offering at the same time, rugged and corrosion-free construction.

With resistant construction and high technology, BME deaerators carry out its duty efficiently, removing the dissolved oxygen, the carbon dioxide and other non-condensable gases  from boiler feed water, in order to prevent corrosion in piping, boilers and heat exchangers.

Its exclusive system allows obtaining low content of non-condensable gases (O2 content less than 7 ppb ) without using chemical products, reducing the operational and maintenance costs of the plant, increasing the boiler availability and contributing for environmental preservation.


BME’s Spray-Tray Deaerators are internally composed by trays and spray valves manufactured in stainless steel, supplied by Ecodyne, one of the world’s long-experienced water treatment technology companies.

The deaeration process is designed in order to allow internal steam condensing, minimizing the loss of heating steam to the atmosphere. External after coolers are not required.

Planta Desaerador
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